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Confraternity of Christian Doctrine


Mission Statement

The Office of Religious Education of St. Michael's Church will enable people to grow in the knowledge og God through increased understanding of the Bible and basic techings of the Roman Catholic Church, to respond to God's love expressed through Jesus Christ by meaningful participation in the sacraments, and to grow in fellowship and discipleship as they are encouraaged to discover and use their spiritual gifts in the service of one another and the world.


Elementary School Programs

 Formal instuctions for baptized children at St. Michael's at the same age when children ordinarily begin school.

The success of the progarm depends on the cooperation of the parents, children, and volunteer teachers and administrators.

Volunteers provide approximately 24 hours of instruction during the academic year. ( September thru March)

Parents are expected to reinforce learning at home, primarily by reviewing the lessons with the children, practicng prayers etc.

Children are expected to cooperate with the learning process by regular attendance, preparation, and appropriate behavior.

Registration forms are completed each year so that records are accurate.

Classes are available for children in grades 1-7.

First Penance and First Eucharist are ordinarily celebrated in Grade 2.

Confirmation is ordinarily celebrated in Grade 8.



The 2015-2016 Re-Registration Forms for CCD have been mailed out.

Please read the cover letter as it has very important

information regarding the school year.

Please fill out the registration form as soon as possible! The deadline is April 10, 2015.

*After the deadline, a $25.00 late fee per child will be necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Patty at 732-483-0360 Ext. 10.




Attention CCD Parents for 2014/2015

Your Welcome letter and calendar for the year will be mailed out the first week of September. CCD will start for Tuesday students on September 23rd from 4-5 and Sunday students on September 28th for 10-11. Please make sure you read your Welcome letter and all the information it includes.


Home Study Parents for 2014/2015:

Your Welcome letter and Home Study guidelines will also be mailed the first week of September. Home Study pick up date for materials will be on Sunday, October 5th at the Deal School from 10:30-11. Please mark your calendar now!!! 


Parents please make sure that you are making a commitment to your child’s religious education.  Children are expected to be present at each class session.  If your child is ill or will be absent for another reason please notify the teacher or myself, and they will be required to make up any work that they have missed.

If a child is out more then 5 times in a semester you will be asked to go on Home Study.  Children are expected to be prepared for class each week with their books and writing implements. Please check your child’s folder each week for any information that may be from the teacher or myself. It should be all of our hopes that religious education be a top priority in the lives of our children since they are the future of our Catholic faith.



2014-2015 Re-Registration Information and Forms

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is ONLY for parishioners of St. Michael's Church

Home Study Guidelines



Dear Home Study Families:

Just a quick letter to make sure that you are taking the time each week to complete your chapter and activity book. It’s very important that you keep up with your assignments so that you do not fall behind. This is the perfect time to catch up if you must during your Christmas vacation. Remember you must complete your activity book and take the proper tests in order to advance to the next grade. Your mid-term will be ready to take on the computer or mailed if you are not online the first week of January.


If you are having any problems or concerns please call me at 732-483-0360 ext.10


Sincerely yours,

Patty Chavez

Director of Religious Education



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You will find the links for the HOME STUDY FINAL exams below. Click on your grade to open to your exam. Enter the code you were given at the beginning of the year and be sure to print out a copy of your results for yourself.

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