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Saturday Communion Service

St. Michael’s holds a Communion Service every Saturday morning from 9:00 AM-9:15 AM followed by recitation of the Rosary.


The Homily Topic for Saturday, May 30, 2015, is "The Real People"


Marriage and Baptism Policy

The criteria for those seeking to be Married or Baptised here at St. Michael's can be found by clicking here.


Hospital Admissions

If you are admitted to the Hospital, please let St. Michael’s know, so someone can visit you!

If you need the assistance of a priest while in the hospital in the event of an emergency or a critical illness, please notify the nurse in charge, who will contact the priest.

If someone you know is placed on Hospice at home, please call us as soon as possible so a priest can come and visit.

Prayer Request

We have added a Prayer Request page to our website. All requests will be taken anonymously and given to our Rosary Society for inclusion with their prayers. The Prayer Request page can be reached here.


Mass Schedule


Each Weekend Mass has its own Style and Spirit

Soundbites of the different musical styles can be found below.


 Saturday Masses:

  4:00 PM     Bell Choir, last Saturday of month is Youth Choir

  5:00 PM     CD Music **, Contemporary, no congregational singing, Communion received kneeling

  7:30 PM     Same CD Music as at the 5:00 PM Mass  

 Sunday Masses:

  7:00 AM     No Music, Communion received kneeling

  9:00 AM     CD Music

 10:00 AM    Parish Choir, 

 11:00 AM    Parish Choir, congregational singing

                  Charlie’s Angels, a free program for children, takes place in the lower Church during this Mass. 

                        For more information click here.

 12:00 PM    Soloist, largely Classical Music, congregational singing, last Sunday of month is Chant Schola

 12:45 PM    Baptisms 

  4:00 PM     Contemporary music, congregational singing, more deliberate pace, communion by intinction

                  (which calls for reception on the tongue), and distributed by ordained.

  7:30 PM     Quiet Mass




8:00 am         Weekday Masses:  Monday through Friday                   

9:00 am         Saturdays only:  Communion Service followed by  the  recitation of the Rosary


*The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) is available for approximately

five to thirteen minutes prior to every Mass


*Congregational singing includes the singing of the Lord, have mercy, the Alleluia

before the reading of the Gospel, the Holy, Holy, the Memorial Acclamation, the

Lord's Prayer, and the Lamb of God.


**The CD selections are usually a mixture of contemporary music and chant.  At

times, classical music is also included.



For directions to St. Michael's Church, or the Outreach Center click here.



Click below to listen to a soundbite of our Youth Choir from the 10 AM Mass

Click below to listen to a soundbite of our Parish Choir from the 11 AM Mass

Click below to listen to a soundbite of our Soloist from the 12 PM Mass